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Yards & Stables

We have around 21 large outdoor yards and 12 smaller undercover yards available for use at our rallies and events. As well as two wash down bays.

Round Yard

We have a large 30m sand round yard for lunging and exercising. 

Club Rooms & Canteen

Our spacious clubrooms have been developed to ensure that our members' needs are catered for. This includes our large canteen area, coaching materials, outdoor and indoor seating options, and a lovely potbelly fireplace for those cold winter months.

Large Grassed Arena

The large grassed arena is perfect for holding clinics, showjumping events, show horse, and fits two dressage arenas.

It is fully fenced and picturesque ready for your next event.

Small Grassed Arena

The small grassed arena is the perfect size for a showjump course, show horse area, or for a warm up with a beautiful backdrop of the bush behind.

Open Sand Area

The large open sand area has enough room for two dressage arenas or plenty of room for clinics.

Horse Rail Arena

The Horse Rail arena is a large sand arena that is fenced with safe horse fencing. This arena is 70x30m and is equipped with a safe mounting ramp perfect for our Horse Power members.

Dressage Arena

We have a designated 60x20m sand dressage arena. The end of the arena is a spacious viewing and judging shed.

Large Trail Riding Bush

Attached to the back of our grounds is a large bush full of long sand tracks and gravel paths. It even has a couple of decommissioned cross country jumps along the way. In winter it develops a large pool which is brilliant for water training horses.

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