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Coming Again on 15th

August 2021!

Have you ever wanted to ride a dressage test to music like they do at the Olympics? Well, now is your chance! 

The dressage freestyle is one of the most exciting parts of dressage. Dressage freestyles, similar to freestyles in figure skating, incorporate compulsory figures into a test choreographed to music specifically chosen by the rider to have a "feeling" they present to the public.
Strictly Freestyles is a low fuss, a casual competition where we all get the chance to dance with our four-legged partners. 

For rules and choreography test sheets, check out the EA website here.

On the same day we hold our Simply Dressage competition. A low key, low stress dressage event - perfect for riders of all levels and experience. Entries on Nominate.

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